Samsung M8 Have More Features Than Apple Studio Display For Half The Price

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A 32″ 4K display from Samsung called the M8 monitor manages to provide speakers a web camera, and a few more functions into its, sophisticated body. The Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth capabilities constructed in the monitor allow this monitor to operate its own apps, as the name “Smart Screen” suggests. It can communicate with other smart home appliances and your smartphone as well.

Given that the Smart Display M8 do have a comparative(11.4mm) size and slim bezels surrounding the display. You might mistake this screen at first glance for an Apple Studio Display. A similar set of built-in functions, such as a camera and speakers powered by an internal processor. Are likewise provided by both screens. But Samsung M8 has HDR compatibility. And comes in your selection of four different colors in contrast to Apple’s Studio Display. Additionally, it is about half as expensive compared to the apple display.

samsung m8

Prices available for M8 smart monitor

Samsung’s website is currently accepting pre-orders for the Samsun M8. With the assurance that it will arrive soon as possible.

At the starting price of $699, you can get an M8 monitor. But you’ll only receive the entry-level white model. The pricing of a colored M8 is an additional $30 than the $729 price of a colorless model. (Pink, Blue& Green are additional colours available)

The display of the Samsung M8

According to advertising, M8’s 32-inch 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) 60Hz LCD screen can provide close to 400 nits of luminance and up to 99% of the sRGB color gamut.

Additionally, this  M8 monitor supports HDR10+, which is essentially Samsung’s interpretation of HDR (high dynamic range). This means you’ll be able to watch HDR material on this display. This cannot be done on the Apple Display because it does not support this capability.

Speakers provided with the device

Although It’s normally advisable against getting overly thrilled with a monitor’s built-in speaker. The Apple Studio Display’s surprising strong performance has changed that perspective. And then once we receive M8 smart display for testing and evaluation, perhaps it will work admirably.

Samsung claims that the Smart Monitor M8 has a 2.2-channel sound system. That consists of two 5W speakers and one tweeter that is integrated into the display.

Design of Samsung M8 when compared to Apple studio display

Whether on purpose or not, Samsung made the Smart Monitor M8 appear an improved, larger than an Apple Studio Screen. The M8’s 32-inch 4K screen is contained in a thin chassis with a solid back. As well as a base that seems to be a large piece of metal sticking(The stand) out from underneath.

The stand of M8 monitor can be raised or lowered for than 4 inches; according to a statement made by Samsung. This will not appear to be a big issue. But it’s a highly useful feature for tall people or even for short people. It’s especially nicely given than $1,599 Apple monitor, which requires another $400 to include a changeable table for level.

The M8 is around 28.1 x 22.6 x 8 inches and weighs 14.8 pounds when the stand is connected. A high-sensitivity mic,  Bluetooth 4.2 connection & Wi-Fi 5.1, 2.2Ch speakers & more other functions are included in the display.

The SlimFit camera that is provided is one function that is provided by Samsung. 

The monitor includes a “remote controller”  as well. That might seem a little odd until you realize that it also functions like a special device. That can be used to stream, Disney+, Netflix and other popular services. Without being connected to a computer.

Special Features of the camera

A 1080p SlimFit camera is included with the Display  M8, even though it is not in-built into the screen. Instead, it’s a separate camera that can be used whenever you want by magnetically fixing it to the display.

The camera has a physical privacy shutter, which is a lovely addition.This also provides Face Tracking and Auto Zoom capabilities. Which could allow it to recognize and track speakers, similar to Apple’s Center Stage.

Ports available in M8 Monitor

There aren’t many ports available for connecting devices to M8. Although it does offer some helpful USB-C abilities.

On the behind side of the Samsung M8, It includes 2 USB-C ports and one micro-HDMI port. one of which supports pass-through chargeable until 65W. And it allows recharging a notebook while using that device to operate the monitor.

The outlook of M8

The M8, promises to provide more functionality than Apple’s. This newest monitor yet costs far less, and it has changed what appeared to be a good smart monitor into a real competitor to  Apple Display.

Smart features provided by Samsung M8

Samsung’s M8 monitor runs Tizen, the company’s OS. For smart televisions, household gadgets, and other devices, on its onboard CPU. This technology enables it to function separately like a smart screen. And since it has integrated speakers and a microphone, wireless installation of apps onto it and utilize those. Just like you handles with  a Smart Television even without connecting it to a computer.

The monitor can also be used for Samsung’s IoT protocol & functions becoming a Home automation Hub. Which you could use to handle  Z-Wave, ZigBee and IP-connected appliances. 

Special Features provided for Gamers

Gamers can now stream games straight to their Samsung 2022 Smart TV or Smart Monitor. Thanks to the company’s freshly released “Samsung Gaming Hub app”. With the use of this software, users may stream games to their TV or monitor using any number of streaming platforms. With Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, and Nvidia GeForce. This capability is only available on the Samsung M8, thus giving it some unique qualities.

Final words about Samsung M8

No doubt, The functionality is just what matters. Therefore we won’t know for sure if Samsung has surely produced the best moniter that is smarter than the Apple Studio display at a  half pricing. Until we try this for ourselves. But according to Samsung, it will be an amazing experience for anyone who purchases a Samsung Smart Monitor M8.

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