How to use Multipoint and Audio switching with Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro 

Google’s newest wireless earphones are Google Pixel Buds Pro. The fourth attempt by the corporation in this product category is the priciest and most feature-rich earbuds released up to date. The company’s original models had a mixed response, but with each iteration, they have steadily improved. Released on July 2022, Pixel Buds Pro caught the attention of the majority, to question whether the product was worth the $200 price point.  

Many were skeptical about the new earbuds at first. With the mixed reviews received by the earlier earbuds released by Google, in Pixel Buds A-Series it was just. Among others, Active noise cancellation with Silent Seal, Volume EQ that automatically adjusts tuning at every volume range to balance sound at every level, and 11 hours of battery life that can be extended up to 31 hours with the charging case is noteworthy features. Pixel Buds Pro is also sweat and water-resistant. Earbud with IPX4 standard and the case with IPX2 standard. They also support wireless charging. Therefore, even though they appear small, Pixel Buds Pro is a powerful set of earbuds. 

One of the main reasons why Pixel Buds Pro managed to get the attention that was not spared by its predecessors is due to its multipoint and audio switching feature. What exactly are Multipoint and Audio switching? Let’s have a brief idea about what Multipoint and Audio switching is.

How to use Multipoint and Audio switching with Pixel Buds Pro

What is Multipoint and Audio switching? 

Multipoint and Audio switching is essentially a feature to make the user experience a better and an efficient one. With Multipoint connectivity and an Audio switch, Google Pixel Buds Pro let you switch between devices seamlessly, without any interruption. Users can turn both features on at once, and turning on Multipoint might make Audio changeover faster.  

While Audio Switch works with numerous supported audio sources that are linked to the same Google account, Multipoint allows you to retain connections to two audio sources at once. An audio source can be any device that can make a sound and has Bluetooth connectivity. Your phone, laptop, watch, TV, etc. Suppose you end a video conference on your laptop and decided to go for a stroll and listen to music, you don’t even have to touch your Bluetooth settings. Pixel Buds Pro will connect from your laptop to your phone automatically. 

Don’t worry Pixel Buds Pro won’t randomly switch between devices and it will even make sure that you don’t miss a call while watching a movie on your Laptop with Pixel Buds Pro connected. Pixel Buds Pro follows an order of priority to ensure the best user experience. 

In multipoint, the Assistant will take precedence over media like music, notifications, and system sounds while phone or video calls will take precedence over the Assistant. The music will pause if you were listening to music and a phone call or video call comes in on the other audio source that is connected. You can tap the earphone to continue listening to music from your previous audio source after the call is over. 

One audio source’s playing of music or video cannot be interrupted by another audio source. You must pause playback on one audio source before you can begin playing music from other.

How to use Multipoint and Audio switching 

Now to the important part. How can we use these cool features? Even though it seems almost too complicated at first, it’s really easy. Follow this guide right to the very end you will find yourself using Multipoint and Audio switching in no time. 

First of all, you have to pair the earbuds with multiple audio devices. All these steps are the same for pairing almost every earbud. 

  • The first step is to check whether your Pixel Buds Pro has an adequate charge. 
  • Unlock your phone if you are going to pair it with your phone. 
  • Enable Bluetooth by navigating to Settings on your phone. 
  • Take your Pixel Buds Pro and open the lid of it. 
  • Find the pairing button on the back of the charging case. Press it until an LED begin to pulse.
  • Tap on your connect button as soon as the pop notification appears. 
  • Now click on the set-up button. 
  • Keep your charging lid open until the Pixel Buds Pro gets connected to your Gmail account and phone. 

Pair the pixel bud pro with your android. Now will be automatically taken to the Device information screen in the Settings app. You can now customize your Pixel Buds Pro according to your preferences. Moreover, you can also switch on Multipoint and Audio switching. 

You will have to pair the Pixel Buds Pro with a different device to fully utilize these additional features. Once you are done connecting multiple devices, you can finally turn on the Multipoint feature. 

  • Open your settings app. 
  • Search and tap on connected devices. 
  • Tap on the gear icon that’s beside your Pixel Buds Pro. 
  • Scroll until you find the Audio switching button. 
  • Tap on the Audio switching. 
  • Click on the toggle. This will enable audio switching. 

Now you can use the Multipoint feature in Pixel Buds Pro. If you wish to ask for help from Google Assistant while you’re on your PC viewing a video or listening to music, this will transition to the other device connected, so that you can use google assistant. Any media playback that is already playing on your PC will be paused when Assistant is activated; to resume, you will simply need to unpause the playback. 

Audio switching and Multipoint are both quite similar when considering their functionality of them. To turn on audio switching follow these steps. 
  • Open your settings. 
  • Click on connected devices. Tap on the gear icon next to your Pixel Buds Pro. 
  • Search and tap on Audio switching. 
  • Now click on the toggle to turn on Audio switching. 

Now you are ready to roll on with both Multipoint and Audio switching enabled in your Pixel Buds Pro. You no longer need to struggle to pair a device quickly when you in a hurry. Switch between devices truly hands-free and enjoy your audio with Pixel Buds Pro. 

By no means Multipoint and Audio switching are new features that the world is seeing for the first time with Pixel Buds Pro. But Pixel Buds Pro is the first device by Google to adopt the technology. Yet again Multipoint and Audio switching are interesting features that make the user experience efficient and easy. Hopefully, you learned how to enable Multipoint and Audio switching with this article.

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