7 Gboard Settings That Will Advance Your Android Typing


Gboard has too many more valuable features to list them all, but the fact that it includes Google inbuilt right within provides a shortcut to comprehend the power of its capabilities. That suggests you can use your keyboard to search the entire internet. Its software allows you to type and translate words and sentences in … Read more

How to use Multipoint and Audio switching with Pixel Buds Pro

How to use Multipoint and Audio switching with Pixel Buds Pro

Pixel Buds Pro  Google’s newest wireless earphones are Google Pixel Buds Pro. The fourth attempt by the corporation in this product category is the priciest and most feature-rich earbuds released up to date. The company’s original models had a mixed response, but with each iteration, they have steadily improved. Released on July 2022, Pixel Buds … Read more

The Best Speed Test Apps Right Now

Numerous speed test applications were rigorously tested, as well as those with clear layouts and much less extraneous information performed better overall. Those consist of SpeedTest Master & Meteor from Open Signal. Furthermore, it’s not simply the results of the network speeds that matter; other data is equally significant. This could include details about connection … Read more

5 Best Uses Of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is also called wearable devices. Devices that are worn on the body instead of being used in a place or carried around. They can be used for health and fitness. Or to help with everyday tasks such as listening to music and taking phone calls. Some wearable technology can be used to help … Read more

Nothing Phone 1 – Amazing Transparent Back With Lights

What is Nothing Telephone Company? Nothing can be called a phone company that has managed to gain the world’s attention. Today, many phone users are interested in this Nothing Phone company. According to various reports and information, Nothing Telephone Company is in England. According to other information, the parent company of Nothing Telephone Company is … Read more

Apple App Store Is Getting More Ads Than Usual

Users of an Apple phone can identify the Apple App Store as a must-have application. The Apple App Store is found with Apple’s operating system, iOS. An Apple phone, an Apple tab, or an Apple computer can never be operated without the Apple App Store. All applications required for all types of Apple devices work … Read more