7 Gboard Settings That Will Advance Your Android Typing

Gboard has too many more valuable features to list them all, but the fact that it includes Google inbuilt right within provides a shortcut to comprehend the power of its capabilities. That suggests you can use your keyboard to search the entire internet. Its software allows you to type and translate words and sentences in real-time. It allows voice-to-text conversion in a variety of languages. GIF search is built-in. Indeed, as of this week, it has a working GIF maker for iOS. That is correct! You may generate a GIF, from your device’s keyboard. You can do so much more than typing with this. However, it provides more than only search-related benefits. Gboard is full of clever touches. In one-handed mode, you may resize and arrange the keyboard to accommodate your stubby fingers.


Gboard Usability

This keyboard suits anyone of any age who is good at using a normal keyboard. Gboard updates itself regularly to make it faster. Google’s Gboard keyboard software for Android now has a split keyboard option, which is useful for owners of foldable devices  It attempts to make typing on large, stretched panels like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 less uncomfortable and somewhat more ergonomic. There haven’t been many technical difficulties with the keyboard in general. The keyboard does not operate effectively on iPhone applications as it does on iPad apps, but most apps are now optimized for both platforms, so this is a minor issue. Gboard certainly makes its users more comfortable with writing, as there are so many features available for a better experience. It includes all the fundamental text-typing tools.

Cons of using Gboard

There are a few downsides to Gboard’s predictive powers. Although not as accurate as Swiftkey, Gboard is still quite capable of predicting what you’re typing. The main issue would be that Gboard will not recognize any current keyboard options you have and will not allow you to create new ones. According to Google’s Gboard privacy policy, the only data it will get from the keypad is search results and unidentified statistics. Data is constantly recorded and this does not stop individuals from voicing worries about the new keyboard’s security. The fact is that there isn’t any way to be certain that Google is not getting further information. Furthermore, privacy regulations might shift, and Google may choose additional monitoring in the future. Google has stated that there are currently no plans for Ads on Gboard. Gboard, on the other hand, provides.

7 Settings that’ll supercharge your Android typing 

1) Undo autocorrection with just one tap

The main goal of autocorrection is to fix frequent spelling or typing errors as part of the spell checker, saving the user time. It may also automatically format text or insert special characters by identifying character use, sparing the user from having to utilize more time-consuming capabilities. Sometimes it does unwanted substitutions when typing. Your Android keyboard may auto-correct the wrong words sometimes through its suggestions and can make you very distressed. To avoid frustrations Gboard users can make this effective setting on their keyboards to avoid any annoying typing substitutions.

Follow the steps:

  • Open Gboard “Settings” and press “Text correction”.
  • Turn off ”Undo auto-correct on backspace” in the “Corrections” section.

Hitting the Backspace key on the keyboard, whenever Gboard is changing what you typed. Do this as soon as the autocorrection occurs before you press any other key. This will certainly switch the word back.

2) Keyboard height

Do you want a larger area to rest your fingers? It doesn’t matter if you added multiple rows, you could now resize your Gboard height. 

Follow the steps:

  • Open The Gboard “Settings” and press “Preferences”.
  • In the “Layout” section tap on “Keyboard height”.
  • It’s now up to you to decide which option is the best for you.

3) Easy emoji expression

A lot of people use emojis in day-to-day typing. Everyone has different methods of expressing themselves. Gboard’s emoji-enhancing features provide users with more usability.

Follow the steps:

  • Open Gboard “Settings” and press on “Emojis, Stickers, & GIFs,” and there will be three options within that section.
  • The “Emoji fast-access row” option places a separate row of frequently used emojis at the very top of your Gboard.
  • Take it down while keeping your emojis, toggle the “Emojis in symbols keyboard” setting instead.
  • Enable “Emojis” under “Suggestions while typing.” Selected emojis will display alongside usual word predictions in the ordinary Gboard text suggestion field.

4) Number Access

Using those additional characters is an excellent way to quickly access numbers. If you often enter numbers on your Android device and want to make them even more accessible, Gboard has you covered.

Follow the steps”

  • Open Gboard “Settings” and press “Preferences.”
  • Activate the switch next to the “Number row” at the top of the screen.

This will add a permanent row of digits to the top of your more customized Android keyboard, making every digit accessible with a single tap rather than a tap and hold.

5) Symbol Trick

You probably waste a lot of time looking for symbols on your Android device’s keyboard, such as asterisks and pluses. There is, however, a better method.

Follow the steps:

  • Open Gboard settings
  • Select “Preferences.”
  • Scroll to the bottom and look for “Long-press for symbols”.
  • Turn it on by tapping the toggle next to it.
  • Exit the menu, and when Gboard appears, check for the little letters in the corners of each letter.
  • Press your fingers to any of those letters and see how it works.

6) Fast action

That symbol-summoning adjustment is fantastic.

Follow the steps:

  • Open Gboard “Settings” and press on “Preferences.”
  • Scroll to the bottom and search for the “Key long-press delay.”
  • Tap it, then drop the slider down to around 200ms.

That will significantly reduce the time, allowing you to use those additional symbol shortcuts without needing to hold a key down for nearly as long. Try it for a few seconds at 200ms and see what you think. You may need to modify the level somewhat to reach the sweet spot that suits your typing style.

7) Accessibility

This is one of Gboard’s most important and easy step-savers but it isn’t usually activated by default. The keyboard can automatically insert a period at the ending of a phrase when you press the spacebar twice.?

Follow the steps:

  • Open Gboard “Settings”
  • Go to the “Auto space after punctuation” in the settings “Text correction” area. However, it’s still labeled a beta function and it’s only accessible if you use Gboard with US English as your language.) That’s probably why you are not seeing it in your configuration.
  • Switch that toggle on.

Now type while relishing in the understanding that finishing a phrase will never need a single double-spaced.

Bonus tip

You may customize your Gboard theme by importing any image from your device’s gallery or a keyboard preset. Gboard themes for iPhone and Android are changeable to a new photo or color. This is a great way to make your Gboard more appealing and it makes your Gboard experience better. A lot of people switch to Gboard because it is easy to use and it makes their Android phone more appealing to the user.

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